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Keighley Brennan – Living The Dream – Kites Cut file

Hey Everyone, Keighley here sharing a layout using the Kites Cutfile. This cutfile included two kites but I only wanted to use one, I enlarged the kite, so it was nearly the full size of my A4 layout.

You can watch my layout process here.

KB kites main 1024x1024 - Keighley Brennan - Living The Dream - Kites Cut file

I backed it using patterned paper from the CVS unforgettable collection. I went for a blue background to give the Illusion of sky and attached the kite using foam so it looked as though it was flying. 

KP Living the dream 2 - Keighley Brennan - Living The Dream - Kites Cut file

I fussy cut some more of those beautiful butterflies, and attached those to the right hand side of the layout, using foam under the wings to make those look like they was flying in the sky with the kite. 

KP Living the dream 3 - Keighley Brennan - Living The Dream - Kites Cut file

I scrapped a photo of my two children climbing a climbing frame at the park, and although there isn’t any kites in my photo, to me the kite symbolises being up high. My son loves to show me how high he can climb. 

Thanks so much!



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Due to ongoing health and personal issues, I’m afraid I am closing the shop for 6 months.  I very much hope to be back but I will only be able to judge this once I have gone through the next few months.  All outstanding orders will go out next week (commencing 15th June).  I will be keeping the blog side of the website going and I may pop up on social media sometimes but I may have to take a fair bit of time out while I process everything and work through treatments etc.  I know that particularly my pre-cut customers will be disappointed and I am so sorry to let people down but sometimes being strong involves having to give something up.  It’s not been an easy decision I can tell you.  Thank you so much to everyone that has supported me in the last 4 years, in particular my wonderful design team.  Seeing my designs on layouts capturing people’s precious memories is something I will always treasure.  Best wishes xx


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