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Laura Rumble – Book Buff

Hey there, Laura back with my final January creation.

20190122 115703 1024x1024 - Laura Rumble - Book Buff

I love the Triangle Mesh cut file.  You get two for one as you are also left with lots of perfectly cut triangles.  I cut the image at about 5″ on several patterned papers from my Glittery Hands Box subscription box.  I cut an extra one of some thicker card that I could use as a stencil.  I masked off some areas with washi tape so I was left with an interesting collection of triangles.  

20190122 114812 1024x1024 - Laura Rumble - Book Buff

I used an ink blending tool and a new sponge to apply some embossing ink through the cut file stencil, removed the stencil and sprinkled on some gold embossing powder.  I re-learnt the lesson of always using an anti-static powder tool to prep your page before heat embossing.  I had a lot of stray embossing powder that needed to be cleared off with a dry paintbrush before I could use my heat gun to melt the powder.  I never tire of watching the moment the powder melts.

20190122 114802 770x1024 - Laura Rumble - Book Buff

Once the background was complete I layered up my coloured meshes and used a few staples in the middle to hold them in place.  Because I cut them at 5″ the lines were quite thin and I didn’t fancy trying to get glue on the back of all the triangle mesh.   For extra security and for extra prettiness I poked some holes and added some gold stitching in a few spots around the edge of the cut files.

20190122 114748 717x1024 - Laura Rumble - Book Buff

I popped my photo up on some foam and glued it in place.  I took an age to decide what to do for my title… none of my gold alphas matched the gold embossing powder.  The simple solution was to emboss some alphas with the same powder for the perfect match.  I added the perfectly matched gold alphas, some journalling strips and finally a sprinkling of puffy stickers and enamel dots.

20190122 114830 1024x1024 - Laura Rumble - Book Buff

You can see the whole thing come together in my process video here.

With love and colour



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