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Laura Rumble – Doing a Header – Arrows Cut File Series

Over the next few weeks on the blog we will all be sharing layouts made with the same cut file but with a different technique in each one. We’ve had SO many ideas so we hope it gives you lots of inspiration for using the same cut file in various ways to help you get more bang for your buck if you are using digital files (because you can use it over and over without it looking samey) and how to make your layouts more personal and individual if you are using the pre-cuts.

Hey folks, Laura here today with my take on the Arrow Mesh cut file.  You can buy this as a pre-cut on black, white or cream card or download it and cut it on whatever you fancy!  (Pre-cut.  Download.)

LR Doing a Header main - Laura Rumble - Doing a Header - Arrows Cut File Series

I had a bit of a play in the Silhouette software before cutting.  I have a brief video about that as it’s easier to show you than type it out…  

Then I move on to the cutting and more importantly, the creating.  You can find that process video here.

LR Doing a Header 1 - Laura Rumble - Doing a Header - Arrows Cut File Series

I cut my arrows from a selection of Legendary papers from Cocoa Vanilla Studio.  I love these colours and patterns.  As you can see from the first video and the photos of the finished layout I changed my original plan.  I thought the arrows coming down from the top of the page matched better with the photo which is an upside down baby boy!

LR Doing a Header 2 - Laura Rumble - Doing a Header - Arrows Cut File Series

I played around with the coloured arrows and decided to add one to each arrow that was pointing downwards.  I spread the colours as evenly as I could, popped them up on some foam and added them over the white arrow mesh.  Rather than line them up exactly I off set them slightly, just a millimetre or two, for a more haphazard standing-on-your-head feel.

LR Doing a Header 3 - Laura Rumble - Doing a Header - Arrows Cut File Series

The photo dictated the title, too.  “I’m doing a header!” is what he exclaimed from his upside down position.  I added my journalling in one of the open arrows and embellished minimally with a few enamel dots.

I have plenty of arrows left, both coloured and white, so I’ll be sharing another arrow-filled layout soon!


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Due to ongoing health and personal issues, I’m afraid I am closing the shop for 6 months.  I very much hope to be back but I will only be able to judge this once I have gone through the next few months.  All outstanding orders will go out next week (commencing 15th June).  I will be keeping the blog side of the website going and I may pop up on social media sometimes but I may have to take a fair bit of time out while I process everything and work through treatments etc.  I know that particularly my pre-cut customers will be disappointed and I am so sorry to let people down but sometimes being strong involves having to give something up.  It’s not been an easy decision I can tell you.  Thank you so much to everyone that has supported me in the last 4 years, in particular my wonderful design team.  Seeing my designs on layouts capturing people’s precious memories is something I will always treasure.  Best wishes xx


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