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Laura Rumble – Patience

Hi folks, Laura here.  Well, this was one of those layouts…

lo - Laura Rumble - Patience

One where you question why you thought it was a good idea in the first place!!  I love the concept, the cut files, the papers… I just didn’t particularly enjoy the process.  Hugely ironic then, that the subject is patience! Let me walk you through it.

patience - Laura Rumble - Patience

I still haven’t created a piece of artwork based on my 2018 word of the year Patience.  I started off playing in Silhouette Studio with the Blocks font.  I love this alphabet!  I created the definition and synonyms of my word by copy and pasting the letters I needed.

20181230 112649 - Laura Rumble - Patience

I cut them on a dark subtly patterned paper breaking away from my usual choice of plain cardstock.  I also cut just the outlines on some brightly coloured papers with small patterns.  Large patterns would be no good here as only a small amount will be showing.

20181230 112743 - Laura Rumble - Patience     20181230 112858 - Laura Rumble - Patience

Next came the job of sticking the dark alpha on top of the coloured shape… 113 times (if I counted correctly!)

20181230 113336 - Laura Rumble - Patience    20181230 140204 - Laura Rumble - Patience

Next, I played around with the layout.  It took a few attempts and a bit of shuffling to get the spacing right.  Instead of adding pencil lines to ensure I glued the alphas on straight I saw an opportunity for adding details.  I tore some white and gold dot washi tape in half and stuck it across the page.  I used the straight edge as a guideline to glue on my letters.

20190103 1505032 - Laura Rumble - Patience   20190109 143826 - Laura Rumble - Patience

After I had them all stuck down I realised I didn’t have the word patience anywhere on the layout.  Oops!  I made an overlay using a 12×12 sheet of acetate so I could put Patience on without obscuring any of the definition.  I first tried to cut the letters out of my favourite rose foiled vellum but it really didn’t look right.  Before I took them off (and stored them safely for another layout) I poked holes around the edges.  I hand stitched the letters tying my threads as neatly as I could on the reverse.  The only issue with working on acetate is that you can see the front and the back of your work.

20190109 144038 - Laura Rumble - Patience

I sealed the knots with matte medium and trimmed the ends as close as possible.  It’s not perfect but I’m happy with it.  I worked out that my gold sharpie works well on the acetate so I’ll add some personal journalling and the date after sharing the layout.

Thanks for looking!



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