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Oh my little man!  I’d forgotten how blond he was when he was teeny!  We were at a friend’s wedding here and he hadn’t long been walking so he was gathering stones from the gravel drive and bringing them to us, absolutely delighted with each and every one as if it was so very different from the previous stone!

Love - Love

This layout was based on a challenge to use a sketch on a retreat back in March.  We go twice a year and we are getting ready to go again next weekend.  It feels like such a long time since I scrapped more than a rushed layout so I am really looking forward to it!  The sketch was a great way to use up a few scraps, which is about all I’m down to in this collection.

IMG 6128 e1541246931864 - Love

I’ve really stretched this collection from Simple Stories and I’m still not quite finished with it but I’ve put it away for now.  I still have a couple more to share already with this collection, which is actually a bereavement range (which I didn’t realise!) but the colours have been lovely to work with.  And colours make me happy 🙂

With love and colour



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Due to ongoing health and personal issues, I’m afraid I am closing the shop for 6 months.  I very much hope to be back but I will only be able to judge this once I have gone through the next few months.  All outstanding orders will go out next week (commencing 15th June).  I will be keeping the blog side of the website going and I may pop up on social media sometimes but I may have to take a fair bit of time out while I process everything and work through treatments etc.  I know that particularly my pre-cut customers will be disappointed and I am so sorry to let people down but sometimes being strong involves having to give something up.  It’s not been an easy decision I can tell you.  Thank you so much to everyone that has supported me in the last 4 years, in particular my wonderful design team.  Seeing my designs on layouts capturing people’s precious memories is something I will always treasure.  Best wishes xx


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