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Using punches in Traveller’s Notebooks

I’ve got something a bit different to share with you today – 3 Traveller’s Notebook spreads! I’ve been meaning to try scrapping in a TN for a while now so I decided to make a mini album for my time at the Go Go Getaway Retreat with Shimelle in June. I’ve sat down with it a couple of times and failed to get anywhere but the “use your punches” challenge over at UK Scrap Addicts really helped me with my page design.

eZy Watermark 17 02 2019 19 55 01 1024x1024 - Using punches in Traveller's Notebooks

I couldn’t decide which technique to use so I ended up doing 3 spreads and now that I’ve got going I’m keen to carry on. Psst, I might even be getting my desire to scrap back! Ssshhh!!

eZy Watermark 17 02 2019 20 16 08 1024x1024 - Using punches in Traveller's Notebooks

I’m using one of the Dyan Reaveley Dyalog covers. This bluey coloured one is called Frames and there’s also a red one in the shop. They are cloth bound rather than leather so suitable for vegetarians and vegans to use and they are really funky and fun designs.

eZy Watermark 17 02 2019 20 06 28 1024x1024 - Using punches in Traveller's Notebooks

There are a range of inserts to go with the Dyalog covers and I’m using the Dotted insert for my mini album – it makes it really easy to line things up! The paper is the same quality as in her mixed media journals so really thick and able to withstand a lot of inky painty goodness. So that’s next on my list for a few page backgrounds!

eZy Watermark 17 02 2019 20 14 34 1 1024x1024 - Using punches in Traveller's Notebooks

I’m using Glitter Girl papers throughout this album because of Shimelle, obviously, but some of the papers are really bold and in the small scale of the TN can be really overwhelming. That’s where the punches came in really handy – little pops of colour and lots of variety in the shape.

eZy Watermark 17 02 2019 20 08 16 1 1024x1024 - Using punches in Traveller's Notebooks

I did get a bit braver with the papers on this spread though but I think this will be a one off in the book. Most pages will be a lot less intense! I’ve found it so hard on the small scale and even harder with the fact that the book is already made and has a join in the middle. But now that I’ve got the hang of it I’m really enjoying the challenge. I just need to be mindful not to add too much “stuff” and definitely nothing like enamel dots etc.

eZy Watermark 17 02 2019 20 13 25 1024x1024 - Using punches in Traveller's Notebooks

I am getting lots of use out my Glitter Girl sticker book though as the stickers are really thin in that one and great for layering and adding what looks like dimension.

I think I’m ready to start putting some mixed media in now before I add more photos so do check back and see how it’s going.

With love and colour



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